I woke up in a closet.

I hate you a little more than you’d like me to.
June 16, 2008, 5:31 pm
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Soon to come:

1. Has anyone ever thought of comparing Keith Gessen‘s tumblr with Tao Lin‘s blog?

I’m sure someone has. Both are hated by Gawker although Tao Lin is not defensive.

2. Gawker and Keith Gessen’s relationship.

3. Nam Le is really fucking attractive. And I’m going to see him read on Wednesday in Fort Greene Park.


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Sorry I couldn’t go to that reading, friend. I had to spend the night carrying a tray of scallops wrapped in bacon and telling old gentlemen that NO, I could not get them any napkins to wrap their steak in. I also had to wear a tie. Envious? I know.

I do hope he was as, “really, like, reaaaaaaaaaaaally hot” as you said he was. And that, I don’t know, he was a good reader? But that’s always secondary.

Comment by apineappleheart

Ew, why did they want to wrap their steak in napkins? They must’ve smelled like comet and Brut. I’m always jealous of people who get to wear ties.

And yeah, Nam Le was hot and a good reader. Afterwards I somehow got roped into going to dinner with him and the other readers. I sat across from him and when I ordered a mojito (that he took a sip of because the bartender told him and the people around him that if he could tell which mojito out of 6 had ginger ale in it, that he would give him a free one) he said “Yeah, those mojitos are great.” Did I mention he has an Australian accent?
Then I was going to say hi to Leslie Jamison to tell her I recommended her one story to you, but I saw Moe from Jezebel (where I no longer intern… and Moe who I have never met — which would’ve rendered the whole thing a creepy internet stalker spotting) so I became so embarrassed by the whole thing that I sat back down and sipped up melted ice and mint leaves from my finished mojito.

And yeah, pretty much everyone at the table had gone to Iowa.

Comment by zer0esandones

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