I woke up in a closet.

White people love guitars.

What is it that makes me the most boring of all boring white people? It’s probably my music taste. Unlike my discopunk/old school hip-hop/whatever the fuck sounds good to him on pitchfork savvy boyfriend, I mingle with the same four bands over and over.

1. Pavement. I saw Stephen Malkmus at Siren Fest. It was a shitty show just because of the delay on the speakers and the impossible crowd in the street, but it still felt good to be in the presence of the dude who sang Summer Babe.

2. Weezer. I never got to see Weezer, but I played Pinkerton and The Blue Album everyday before school. I also dressed like Rivers Cuomo for awhile.

I guess we both actually dressed like lesbians.

3. Modest Mouse is probably the reason I got heavy into poetry when I was in high school. The Lonesome Crowded West will forever be my favorite album. Twangy guitar, heavy guitar, screaming, sad singing, beautiful and really weird lyrics that wrench my heart every time. I can’t say I feel the same affinity for the Modest Mouse of today, but any time I hear Issac Brock’s voice, I remember sitting in my attic-bedroom and listening to Teeth Like God’s Shoeshine for the first time.

4. Rilo Kiley. I spent a lot of time reading about Jenny Lewis and deciding I liked her before I got a copy of Take Off’s and Landings. Previously, the only female musicians I was into were Jewel and Faith Hill (I know.) or something. When I worked at a greenhouse in Batavia, I would sing every song off The Execution of All Things and pretend that I had a group of boys playing instruments to back me up. I still do that, but it’s only when I’m home alone.

So, those would all be details I’d include in the “Music” section of any social networking site if I didn’t want to be the self-indulgent obnoxious girl. And here I am with a blog.


What brings you here?
July 25, 2008, 1:09 pm
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I’m starting to regret titling a post “Robot Date Rape.” WordPress has a feature in blog stats that shows you what people googled to find you.  So, here’s the beginning of a list to some weird ones.

1. “Sleepy Rape”

2.  “Robot Date Rape”  — probably the third most googled phrase to find my blog after “the real world” and “friday.”

3. “Woke up raped”

4. “stoned, urinated”

5. “red hair extentions massachusetts”

The fifth one isn’t as good, but so far those are the most ridiculous terms that have led information superhighway users to my door.

July 24, 2008, 3:10 pm
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Not a day goes by that I don’t end up feeling really uncomfortable in whatever I decided to wear to work.  Yesterday, I had no other clean jeans that I wanted to wear, so I opted for a pair that had been worn for about a week without washing.  By the end of the day I had to keep pulling them up, they were loose around my knees, and I could not stop sweating.

Today I’m wearing leggings, a t-shirt, and rain boots.  I just saw the sun come out, and I’m worried that by the time I need to leave to walk the dogs, it’s going to be a blistering 86 degrees out.

Anyway, dear Internet, send more rain.

Apparently when you google “rain” the South Korean pop star comes up.

For some reason, I give a shit sometimes.
July 23, 2008, 4:07 pm
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I’d like to have a single sentence that could explain why I’m so fascinated with the next season of Real World, but it’s impossible.  I guess since it’s going to be in Brooklyn — The Brooklyn Paper reports that it will be in Red Hook — I think that I can better predict the way the season will play out.

The Real Worlders will be virtually isolated in this neighborhood.  Since the subway is absent from the area, and the bus is probably the least attractive form of public transportation, MTV will probably buy each of the cast members their own bikes.  That’s if they don’t get their own short bus for the excursions.

Since Ikea is so close, I imagine that at the last minute of renovation in the loft, the designers for the show will have to purchase some of the high-end but still flimsy and cheap furniture from the gigantic blue warehouse neighbor.  Wrap-around suede couches and shiny countertops?  Got ’em.  Maybe they’ll each get a pair of those slippers in bins they have all over Ikea.

Finally, they’re going to hook up with writers.  Lots of writers, artists, and some quirky baristas with lots of tattoos.  I wonder if Real World Brooklyn will cast to match the current demographic of  Park Slope area Brooklyn.

Facebook, WTF?
July 22, 2008, 4:26 pm
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Once again, I find myself as an old lady shaking her fist and changes in technology. I was about to say “improvements,” but I realized that the new facebook isn’t that improved. It just looked like someone decided to fuck with me.

Anyway. All of the messages people have written on your wall, and the stalkers-feed for your page are combined into one column of info that cascades down from your status. The birthday, relationship status, etc are now under your user picture. Anyway, it looks like there’s more clicking on of tabs to get information.

It’s not as bad as I initially thought it would be, but I feel like someone’s scamming me.

Mom Clark
July 22, 2008, 3:27 pm
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A couple weeks ago, I sent my mom a link to the nytimes article about the increase in muggings around Pratt.  She just replied yesterday:

I read the Times story about the muggings. Be careful and don’t look like you have money when you are walking around. Also – watch your back. Tell Scott to do the same. I don’t want you two beaten up, okay?
Your mother.

How about some martial arts classes?

I can do the frug.
July 22, 2008, 2:01 pm
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It’s going to be a long shitty day.

Reasons why:

1.  The rain is about as appreciated as a beer replacing dinner.  Or with dinner.  Don’t judge me.

2.  There are precollege students flooding the library and asking me how to get to the basement.  It’s true, orientation week will be worse.

3.  I tried to buy a train ticket back to New York from Buffalo and found out that the price had been jacked up from $55 to $105.  I’m having a hard time considering an 8 hour bus ride from hell, and I’m a little too chicken shit to try a rideshare.

4.  Walking dogs in a muddy park.

5.  There’s this.  I can see some male soldiers going crazy for Heidi Montag, but what does it mean when both she and Spencer Pratt are performing?  Will they dance on stage like Osmonds?


I just bought a ticket to ride the MegaBus from Buffalo to New York.  It’s going to be 8 hours long, but it only cost me $45.  This is going to be like riding the Fung Wah bus between New York and Boston TWICE.  I’m hoping to buy some sedatives to accompany whatever thick ear plugs I can get from CVS.  This will also be a good time to coax my dying ipod mini back to life.