I woke up in a closet.

A friend of mine googled an embarrassing question tonight.
March 8, 2012, 6:07 am
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And it was “If a guy tells you he’s not into you just for sex, what does that mean?”

This friend told me that this guy she’s been hanging out with for the last couple weeks was gushing about how into her he was, and it all sounded really nice and made her feel happy until he said “I like you a lot, it’s not just for sex.” She said that she immediately became suspicious of the statement because no one had ever made the point of including that information in a profession of “like”. She couldn’t decide if it sounded like a dishonest person bringing up the lie in the situation to try to dismiss a doubt as part of their plan to get just that which they had mentioned, or if it was a genuine comment.

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